Who am I?

I'm a software developer and have been working in the field since 2006. Being experienced in a wide range of areas in IT, I have hands-on knowledge on how to build a product from idea to success. I'm familiar with all layers of the software stack with strong focus on backend logic and user experience (web and mobile). Grab my CV for a more detailed record of my experiences.

I consider myself a keen learner having genuine interest in technologies, especially those that are new and challenging. Maybe follow me on github too? I contribute to OSS projects occasionally.

Personal projects that I worked on:

XFROCKS thumbnail
  • PHP
  • Entrepreneurship


Providing premium XenForo add-ons and services.

Widget From HTML thumbnail
  • Flutter

Widget From HTML

A Flutter plugin to render HTML as widgets.

dvhcvn thumbnail
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Shell script


Bộ dữ liệu các đơn vị hành chính Việt Nam (3 cấp)

Social Counters thumbnail
  • Golang
  • JavaScript

Social Counters

Consistent and fast url counters for Facebook, Twitter and Google+

no-clickjacking thumbnail
  • JavaScript


Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari extension to avoid social network clickjacking.

Sylvie & Pon thumbnail
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

Sylvie & Pon

One of the websites designed for my wedding. Some other cute fun mini-sites are available at ponology.com.

Koluto thumbnail


My thesis studying Vietnamese NLP and trending detection.

chaocovietnam.net thumbnail


Bringing national raising flag ceremony to as many people as possible.

Curriculum vitae thumbnail

Curriculum vitae

Download the latest CV to see detailed information.

TL;DR: I am good at...

Being A Husband
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